My large, sunny studio is on the border of Bed-Stuy and Bushwick within walking distance of the Myrtle Broadway JMZ and the Myrtle Willoughby G trains on the third floor of a pre-war building.

I have several great playing, professional level guitars, different types of amplifiers, and a ton of effects pedals.

If you’ve never taken lessons, I’d strongly recommend bringing your guitar to the first class so that I can make sure it’s in proper working order. After that, there’s no need to bring yours unless you prefer.

[As a side note, I had a repetitive strain injury in my 20s and as a result no longer play or own any acoustic guitars. Electric, steel string, and nylon string guitars are all played the same way, with the same notes, chords, and scales. There won’t be any issue learning something on one of my electrics and going home and practicing it on your acoustic.]

If your concerns are about tone and achieving ‘your sound’, I have several tube amps and pedalboards that we can address those issues on. Most lessons, however, are done on solid state amps to conserve the life of the vacuum tubes.

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